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Ozone and UV disinfection

We provide a chemical-free air and surface disinfection service to your home, office and business utilizing the powerful advantage of  Ozone and UV. 

Disinfection of air and surfaces are commonly achieved via chemical spraying, fogging and wiping.  The success of complete disinfection is dependent upon human factors; the personnel spraying, fogging and wiping all areas. This process is also often leaving a toxic residue behind.

Our Ozone and UV disinfection service can improve this method and achieve a higher level of disinfection without leaving toxic residue. Ozone and UV are proven and powerful disinfection methods for over a century, effectively killing microorganisms in air and on surfaces.  These microorganisms include bacteria, viruses and mold spores. Ozone and UV disinfection is a fast acting biocidal, provides 100% coverage in the targeted area and it is cost effective. 

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Ozone shock treatment vs. Ozone air purifiers

We use commercial grade ozone generators that produce extremely high level of Ozone very rapidly in the thousands of mg/hour to saturate an entire structure in order to disinfect and eliminate the contamination quickly and effectively. 

The EPA regulates household ozone air purifiers that produce small amount of ozone to make the room smell better. They cannot produce more than .005ppm (parts per million) concentration and they can only be used for a limited time. 

Ozone based disinfection technology requires an expert-level knowledge to ensure safe and effective treatment. Contact us to for your disinfection requirements. 

Practical information on

Ozone disinfection

Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone Gas as a VirusDecontaminating Agent (pdf)

Ozone Gas is an Effective and Practical Antibacterial Agent (pdf)


Ozone disinfection of SARS Contaminated Areas (pdf) * This study did not test against SARS