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HVAC cleaning and UV light

HVAC systems are working hard cooling or heating your home all year around. Inside the HVAC furnace the cooling coil surface has constant condensation on its surface that help foster microbial growth over time. The coil should be cleaned once a year to prevent your HVAC system to be contaminated with overgrowing mold. ARKO UV will inspect your HVAC system for free to determine if mold testing or mold removal is necessary. Elevated level of mold spores in your HVAC system can contaminate your indoor air that start some unpleasant sights of mold on the surface of air vents and musty odors. 

The UV lamp inside a cleaned or new HVAC system can prevent mold growth and improve your indoor air quality. The UV lamp maintains a cleaner HVAC coil which improves cooling efficiency and reduces electricity cost. 

UV light in HVAC system

UV light can be an effective approach for reducing mold contamination within the HVAC system. The use of germicidal UV lamp in the HVAC system results in significantly lower levels of mold contamination in the fiberglass insulation duct lining. UV light can also significantly lower the levels of airborne mold and help the HVAC system run more efficiently.

Effectiveness of Germicidal UV Light for Reducing Mold Contamination within HVAC Units

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