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Every ARKO service results in planting trees

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Trees clean the air outside

As a result of our mold removal and disinfection services, we improve the indoor air quality.


We proportionally invest part of the compensation we receive from each of our customers to plant trees to improve the outdoor air quality.


Our baseline goal by the end of 2021 is to plant 5,000 trees, and we would like to increase this number as we go! 

Planting a Tree

The impact of planting trees

Trees have environmental, economic and social benefits. 

Every year a mature tree can capture about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide and in return provide enough oxygen for two human beings.

Trees reduce ozone levels, help us with noise pollution from cars, clear the smog, prevent erosions, store water in the ground after a rainfall and they provide food and habitat for wildlife.

Studies shows that trees increase property values and increase a flow of traffic for business areas. It saves us money on the cost of energy to heat and cool our homes. 

Trees are teachers and playmates, they heal us and bring us together, reduce violence and add unity. 

The list of benefits are countless! 

Planting trees makes our planet healthier! 

This makes perfect green sense!

Let's clean the air outside together!

Tree Planting