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CEHI Certified Environmental Home Inspector
Certified Water Damage Mitigation Assessor
Certified Mold Hygienist
Certified Green Indoor Air Quality Specialist
Certified Remediation Technologist
Mold Inspection

Our mold services

  • Certified mold assessment after flood and water damage

  • Detecting the source of moisture and/or water intrusion

  • Inspection for visible and hidden mold behind walls.

  • Air testing for airborne mold spores

  • Mold testig in HVAC system

  • Mold testing of indoor surfaces

  • Detailed indoor mold level analysis from certified independent laboratory

  • Define mold removal and remediation protocol

  • Post Mold Remediation Verification inspection and indoor air quality testing

Call: (813) 327-1706

Side View Of A Shocked Young Woman Looking At Mold On Wall

How much does a mold inspection cost in Florida?

A certified mold inspector charge in the range of $300 to $400 for a small to medium size home. For larger homes or for multiple sampling, and more comprehensive inspection the cost increases to $700 to $900 range. 

When to call for mold inspection?

Home Buying Mold Inspections

When mold is found during home inspection, your next best step is to call for a certified mold inspector.  Keep in mind that home inspection is not mold inspection. 

Water and Mold Damage Claims

Usually home insurance covers mold damage caused by a water event in your home.

Get your certified mold assessor report for your insurance claim. 

Mold Inspections & Mold Assessment

When you need to test for indoor mold call a certified mold inspector. Mold inspection and mold assessment are not the same.

- Mold Inspection

- Mold Assessment

Mold Allergy Assessment

Mold exposure mostly affects children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune system. According to the Mayo Clinic 93% of chronic sinus infections are because of mold.

What are the signs of mold in your home?

Musty smell

Musty smell in your home indicates mold growth that is caused by excess moister or high humidity level indoor. 

Allergy symptoms

If you experience flu-like or allergic symptoms while you are in your home and they stop when you are outside

Water damage

Water damage causes mold growth. Mold will grow if water and wet materials are not removed from indoor within 48 hours. 

History of mold

Hidden mold can remain in your home if you tried removing it yourself or hired someone who did a poor job removing it. 

Did you know?

Indoor time - Working from Home

Indoor time

On average we spend 90% of our time indoor. The concentration of pollutants indoor are often 5 times higher compared to outdoor air. 

Image by Ostap Senyuk

Indoor air

80% of Americans are unaware of the elevated levels of indoor mold contaminations. 

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Indoor mold

Humidity, history of water damage and poor building practice create mold contamination indoor regardless of the age of the home. 

Mold Statistics

  • 40% of people develop asthma living in moldy homes

  • 50% of homes nationwide have mold issues 

  • 90% of chronic sinus infections are because of mold

mold on wall

Health effects of mold

hidden mold inside wall

Mold isn’t always visible. It can hide behind walls, under floors, behind your shower and bathtub enclosure.  Elevated levels of mold indoor can cause the following symptoms:

  1. Eye irritation - itchy eye

  2. Cold and flu like symptoms

  3. Sore, dry throat

  4. Dizziness and fatigue

  5. Wheezing or shortness of breath

  6. Brain fog (difficulty focusing)

What can you do and how ARKO Mold Inspection can help ?

  • The fuel for mold growth is moister and high humidity.

  • Inspect moister intrusion or water leak events on a regular basis

  • Clean up any spills and water leaks as soon as they happen. 

  • Cross ventilate your house with fresh air regularly.

  • Contain the area that you identified with mold by covering it with a plastic sheet

  • Call a licensed mold assessor and have your home tested for mold. Ask for a mold remediation protocol. 

  • Do not procrastinate. Protect your home and your family’s health. This could save you thousands of dollars in repair and doctor’s visits. 

Call: (813) 327-1706
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