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Insurance claim mold assessment Tampa

Mold Damage Claims

In case you decided to report a water damage related claim to your insurance company, it is always recommended to ask for a mold assessment report. Mold grows within hours after water damage. After about 48 hours there are often visible sign of mold formation on surfaces. A licensed mold assessment report can help determining the scope and extent of compliant mold remediation work. The faster you have a mold assessment report done, after the water damage, the faster you can act to prevent the size and associated cost of water and mold damage to grow out of proportion.  

After the mold remediation is completed, it is alway recommended to ask for a post remediation verification (PRV) inspection. This mold inspection should be done by an independent mold assessment company other than the mold remediation company. The purpose of the PRV inspection is to verify that the mold remediation has been done properly and the mold is gone from your property. 

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